The "Ausschiesset"

The Ausschiesset

Every year in autumn, theevent called "Ausschiesset" takes place in Thun.

This has always been the end of the shooting year, there was shooting and festive processions were held - the tradition can be traced back to the 16th century.

Since the official foundation of the cadet corps in 1839, cadets have also taken part in the shooting set.
With the regulations of 1983 the cadet corps was declared the main carrier. So today, the cadets are the main protagonists, but the shooting societies are still taking part, as are some of the Thun music clubs.


At some point in the course of time, Wilhelm Tell, Walter and Schwyzerma were also added. Exactly when, is not documented, but all three are still an integral part of the processions today.
The best known figure of this three-day festival is the Fulehung - which is why many people call the event "Fulehung" instead of "Ausschiesset".


Today the imposition set festival is the highlight of the year for many Thuners, especially of course for the former cadets. The three-day festival begins at noon on Sunday with the opening procession and ends on Tuesday evening (or Wednesday morning...) with the imposition set ball.

In between, there are numerous parades, music and tambourine concerts, crossbow and small-bore shooting competitions, as well as lots of social gatherings.

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